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Issue: Sep 2022

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, since ancient times it has a lot of customs:

Admire the moon:The moon at Mid-Autumn Festival is the roundest time of the year

Play with lanterns:Colorful lanterns are every child's dream, carrying lanterns, street to street to add a lot of fun to this Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

On this happy day, some people run wildly on the road, just to be with their families.

Some people are planning a family trip to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

However, affected by the epidemic, more people choose to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with warm family meals

But the house is full of big boxes and bags, empty items take up all the space.

A family reunion can only look at each other, unused items filled the room, family reunion no place?


Why not storage them?

There are various sizes of self storage units ranging from 1 to 100 square metres in StorHub self storage.

Whether it is for personal, home storage or business storage needs, customers can rent on a weekly basis and access their storage units 24/7.

Friendship Tips: the Mid - Autumn Festival rental warehouse discount.

Discount 1: Take 50 off every full 200 and get a great discount.

Take 50 off every full 200 and get a great discount

Discount 2:Within a limited time, friends recommend to rent warehouse, directly get a 200 yuan Jingdong shopping card

(Reminder: the recommender can get a Jingdong 200 yuan shopping card, and the recommender can also participate in the discount of 50 yuan for every 200 yuan)

Jingdong 200 yuan shopping card


* Benefit time: from now on - until September 20, 2022
* Only in Shanghai and Beijing
* Not used in conjunction with other offers on the site
* Contact each site for details: 400 800 2999
Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival again!

happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Opening hours

Business hours for Mid-Autumn Festival:
September 10 (Mid-Autumn Festival) : 10:00-17:00
September 11 (Sunday) : 10:00-17:00
September 12(Monday):10:00-17:00

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