Fun summer | you can run in the snow!

Issue: Aug 2022

Fun summer | you can run in the snow!

High temperature cities are popping up all over the country, Shanghai included.


In the hot summer, holding watermelon in the air-conditioned room is the happiest thing.

However, with the Beijing Winter Olympics under way, StorHub found that a lot of man were running in the snow in the scorching summer.

Then the wechat moments of StorHub became like this.




Wrestling is essential for skiers.

As the old saying, the first lesson in skiing is to learn to wrestle.

So How to protect yourself is very important?

First, prepare in advance

  • The freshman before skiing try to learn from coach, because professional guidance can reduce the occurrence of dangerM
  • If you are an experienced skier, prepare yourself for the transition and familiarize yourself with the venue.
  • Come prepared, don't go on a whim.

Second, choose the right equipment


A helmet is an artifact that protects the head and is a must for beginners and veterans alike.


Buy professional gloves to keep out the cold and to avoid hurting your hands with the skis.

Ski shoes and stockings

The upper of snowshoes is relatively high, and stockings can effectively avoid direct contact between shoes and skin during skiing.

Knee pads, hip pads and wrist pads

The most important thing for freshman is to protect themselves.


There are many kinds of snowboard, buy suitable equipment, skiing up more comfortable!

Helmets, Gloves, shoes, Snowboard

When we have all these preparations, it is show time.


Wait a minute, we hear someone say: skiing for a while cool, but when it came to clean up, felt helpless.

Too much equipment and nowhere to put it.

If you don't know where to put your equipment, you can put them in the StorHub Self Storage.

Store it whenever you need.

Take it whenever you need.

Convenient and fast, self-service access StorHub save the burden of skiing for everyone, you just run in the snow.

Storage Unit From 1-100 ㎡

Storage Unit From 1-100 ㎡

Love it,store it.

Love it,store it.
Love It? Store It!