Tips for fighting COVID-19 and living at home

Issue: Apr 2022

Since March, the situation of the coronavirus epidemic has become more and more serious. According to the latest epidemic prevention and control regulations, Shanghai has started grid containment management and a new round of nucleic acid screening.


I'm sure you've all done nucleic acid testing. So what do you do when you're not doing it?

To help you pass time, StorHub offers you some tips for enjoying your stay at home.


Although we can't go to the company, we still need to work.


  • Make daily work plans and review them every week;
  • Report to the leader in a timely manner
  • Go to bed early and get up early to be productive

As long as we work hard, a promotion and salary increase will be just around the corner!



If you only move in the bedroom and bathroom, make a conscious effort to get down and do 50 push-ups


  • Standing up: Three hours a day, five days a week is equivalent to running about 10 marathons a year,
  • Squat: It can relieve the dizziness caused by watching the screen for a long time,
  • Push up: it can tone up your waist and abdominal muscle!

Try working out at home now and to stay in good shape!



People who have been working all day have time to tidy up now


  • Sort things and put them in a fixed place
  • The 80/20 rule, 20% of the items on display, the rest put away and out of sight
  • Throw away unused things and do not use the things stored away for the time being

Keep your home clean in order to have a good home environment. Put away your things now, and when the coronavirus epidemic is over, you can put the things that are not needed temporarily into the StorHub self-storage, and retrieve them as and when you need to, so as to maximise the space you need for leisure and work activities at home.


Friendly Tips

  • During the epidemic, keep your home ventilated.
  • Wear a mask when you go out to protect yourself.
  • If you need to store goods and your cherished items please feel free to call StorHub to make an appointment with our professional and friendly storage specialists who are more then happy to serve you and provide you with a pleasant storage experience.
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